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Meri Law is run by a unique team of lawyers and academics. We empower clients to professional, reliable and efficient legal services in Turkey.


Meri Law was established by a team of highly qualified lawyers and academics to provide clients confronted with legal problems in Turkey professional and reliable legal guidance and services. Our firm combines legal practice and academic expertise in a way that has entitled our clients to immaculate legal services. Meri Law stands particularly out for its expertise in construction, investment and property violation disputes, maritime trade and insurance conflicts, the law of foreigners, labor, law, criminal law and litigation, and human rights law. Through the precise expertise and experience of our partners, we have offered our clients only the most professional legal guidance and assistance in these practice areas.



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The Meri Law is run by a group of specialized lawyers and exceptional academics, who were trained in some of the most distinguished institutions in different parts of the world. Thereby our partners have offer our clients unique expertise in their practice areas.