About us

Meri Law Firm

Meri Law is a genuine law firm that was established by a distinguished team of lawyers and academics in order to provide national and international clients professional, reliable and effective legal guidance and services in Turkey. Our clients tend to prefer our legal services for a number of reasons.


Experience and Expertise

From its very foundation, Meri Law has sought to place both academic expertise and legal practice at the heart of its legal services. Hence, utmost expertise, authentic and effective services, and uncompromising reliability have become one of the priorities of our firm.
Meri Law offers clients legal guidance and services in a range of practice areas. In order to provide our clients only the best of legal services, the practice areas of our firm are defined by our partners’ specific areas of expertise. Therefore, our partners have succeeded to implement practical expertise and academic precision in a manner that qualified our clients to unmatched legal guidance and services of finest quality.


​Thinking Global

Meri Law is distinguished by an international complexion of genuine kind. Most of our partners have received part of their legal training at respected institutions in different parts of the world. This has enabled our team to understand and effectively guide people from different nations and cultures.
Meri Law is characterized by its partners’ unprecedented command over both national and international legal practices in their respective areas of expertise. In addition, our team makes all the benefit of its unique multilingual make-up. Our partners are either native or fluent in languages such as English, German, Spanish, or Arabic. This has empowered our clients to solid, professional and reliable legal guidance, unimpeded communication and a strong sense of trust and reliability.


Trust, Support and Proactivity

Meri Law was founded with the specific desire to take client-attorney relationships to a more energetic, proactive and confidential level. As a principle, we keep away from client-attorney relationships based on the giving of mere advice, or on the provision of legal services void of effective exchange of information and updates.
Instead, our partners take proactive responsibility in each step of their work. As such, we strive to protect our clients from creating contexts which may put them into a difficult legal situation. Similarly, we are attentive to alternative national and international legal options and redresses in cases were ordinary legal options and remedies might not present themselves as an effective solution to a problem. Proactive, vivid and well-tended engagement with our clients lies at the heart of the concerns of our firm. This is how Meri Law has hitherto succeeded to effectively respond to the unique needs and circumstances of each of if clients.


Making the Impossible Possible

Contemporary legal problems are frequently of interdisciplinary nature. These problems often require a rare and in depth-expertise of the national and international laws and practices that define the problem. Similarly, contemporary problems also call for a significant portfolio of academics, legal and technical experts, and even accountants and economists. It is only very few companies that are able to provide this particular proficiency and portfolio that the complex and interdisciplinary nature of contemporary legal problems necessitates.
Meri Law is privileged to have a team that genuinely collaborates to offer unique proficiency and expertise to seek holistic redress against legal disputes on a national and international level, and to be able to collaborate with a large portfolio of academics, experts and accountants for that purpose. It is in this sense too Meri Law is indeed a law firm of unrivalled character in Turkey.