Employment Law

Meri Law Firm

Employment related matters constitute an intricate aspects of law that is regulated by a wide range of regulations. From anti-discrimination laws, workplace safety and health laws, pensions and benefits, workers’ compensation, employment transfer strategies during mergers and acquisitions, collective bargaining agreements and labor union laws, the rights, obligations and procedures of employment law are defined by compound legal systems that tend to call for considerate expertise in the field.


Our team is composed of employment lawyers who have acquired a particular expertise in the field, which has qualified us to offer our clients the finest of services in labor and employment related procedures. Most frequent encountered cases in the field concern employee claim rights, work accidents and occupational diseases, employee benefit disputes, discrimination cases, as well as legal guidance in the management of employment contracts and relations. As a rule, our lawyers seek to secure an effective mediation process in employment related disputes, in order to procure the least time consuming and most effective outcomes for our clients.

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