Insurance Law

Meri Law Firm

Insurance law has not yet reached the aspired level of maturity in Turkey and is certainly still at the stage of development. To that end, a large part of the insurance law has been changed at the turn of the century. Institutions and notions of insurance law have therefore only recently begun to take hold in practice. And whilst the insurance market is rapidly growing in Turkey, long term stability has still not been attained between the sector parties or in the judgments of the courts. Hence, insurance disputes are currently among the most frequent cases pending at the commercial courts.


The Intricacies and fragility of the field therefore call for thorough experience and command of the judicial practices and literature of insurance law that is rarely found in the law firm market. Our experts of insurance law have over 15 years of practice in the field . Our team consists of academics and experts who have years of experience in peer-reviewing courts and offering expert opinions to parties of a dispute, and who have published numerous books and articles in the field. This is how our firm has succeeded to offer its clients exceptionally professional guidance and solutions in matters pertaining to insurance law. Further, by its sustained collaboration with the other relevant departments of our firm, the quality of our services, such the preparation of insurance contracts and the accurate interpretation of policy clauses, tends to be unmatched in Turkey.

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