International Trade Law

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Contemporary businesses are strongly influenced by international trade activities. Cross border business activities, on the other hand, are navigated by a comprehensive framework of domestic and international laws and regulations. It is essential for businesses to get the legal guidance that secures the conformity to the rules and changes that are involved in this framework.


Negotiation of contracts (e.g., sales, distribution, franchises, joint ventures), international treaties or other international agreements (e.g., free trade agreements (PTAs), bilateral investment treaties (BITs), or WTO agreements), both building up a strategy and implementing it at the negotiating table; assessment of the relevant legal texts in light of the applicable law; design practices on the administration of such agreements.

Cross-border Transactions: Consultancy and Contract Design

Cross-border business activities generally involve the import and expert of goods, and hence almost always involve the entry into another jurisdiction. Hence, business transactions call for effective legal guidance and advice on the law applicable to the commercial transactions, including the payment terms, international commercial terms, the transfer and protection of intellectual property rights, penalty clauses, or jurisdiction clauses. Establishment of the applicable law calls for certain expertise and practice in international instruments such as the Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods and other applicable contract laws, as well as in the domestic law of the countries involved in the transaction.


Our partners have significant command over the relevant international and national law of transactions concerning their area of expertise. This has hitherto qualified us to always ensure that our clients’ trade contracts are among other things legally watertight. Over the years, some of our partners have acquired essential expertise and experience in the drafting and negotiation of international trade contracts governing arrangements between parties of different jurisdictions.

International Business and State Responsibility

International business operations often involve foreign investment activities, which is subject to rules concerning State responsibilities. These rules are generally specified in the relevant international treaties, such us bilateral investment treaties (BITs) or multilateral investment treaties, which contain specific provisions on actions and lack of actions that could trigger State responsibilities as well as rules on the available judicial remedies in cases of violation of the specific provisions of a treaty.

Foreign Investment Redresses and International Arbitration

Meri Law lays places particular importance foreign investment matters. Our partners have hitherto effectively guided our Clients in the redresses against the State’s violation of its responsibilities against foreign investors in Turkey. Along this line, our team provides solid advice on matters on the law applicable to international litigation.

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