Maritime Trade Law

Meri Law Firm

Surrounded by three seas and host to the Bosporus, the continental boundary between Europe and Asia, Turkey is indeed a central transition country in the transport of energy and transfer of technology, a substantial part of which is carried out by sea. Within the scope of this trade there may arise a variety of issues and conflicts, which tend to fall under the intricate field of maritime trade law.


In the course of over 15 years of practice and experience in maritime trade law, our team has acquired profound expertise in the problems and disputes that tend to define the practices of the field. Most frequently encountered are issues relating to the mooring or cargo lashing of ships and vessels that hail from or arrive at Turkish ports, seafarers’ wage claims and similar claim rights, marine pollution, collision, matters of authority and liability in bills of lading, questions concerning the applicable law and the validity of provisions of arbitration, and a whole range of problems and disputes pertaining to agents, brokers and other maritime operators.

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