Meri Law Firm

Meri Law is run by a unique team of lawyers and academics. We empower clients to professional, reliable and efficient legal services in Turkey.

International Trade Law

We  protect our clients’ interests in cross-border trade transactions in compliance with law and offer effective assistance in dispute resolutions

Maritime Trade Law

We empower our clients to specialized guidance and consultancy in a broad spectrum of problems and disputes pertaining to maritime trade and insurance law

Insurance Law

Get professional assistance by academics and legal experts in matters and disputes concerning insurance law

Employment Law

Let our employment lawyers optimize your employment contracts and help you in dispute settlements

Civil Law

From the law of contracts, property law, to inheritance and family law disputes, our team offers you highly professional legal services in one of the most comprehensive area of law

The Law of Foreigners

Our multi-lingual lawyers aim to provide foreigners in Turkey solid, reliable and professional legal services in the law of foreigners and international private law related cases

Criminal Law and Litigation

Entrust your problems to an experienced team of jurists and advocates who exhibit exceptional passion and ability in the guidance and defense of our clients in criminal law related cases

Human Rights

Our human rights lawyers empower you to seek the most effective redress against human rights violations at the Turkish Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights